Conspiracy of silence


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A few days back my 11 yrs old son  attended the maturation Curriculum here in the US, unlike India. The teachers asked me : do you have such awareness program in you schools too ? I said : " No " and fumbled as well. Here begins my journey / story.

​ I fumbled , because the whole history of a hypocritical society unfolded in front of my eyes. Khajuraho ( (famous for their erotic sculptures.) , KamaSuTra (text widely considered to be the first manual on human sexual behavior written by Vatsyayana ) ,) the phallus worship , the naked Gods and Goddesses. For near about last 10000 thousands years India had been depicting , discussing , revealing the secrets of the human body , pleasure in the form of Love or worship. The temples are the places where extraordinary artistic sculptures of love making and sex and foreplay are on an open display. So open that our contemporary parents don't take their children to see those invaluable art works . It's a shame to be open , to discuss about sex , then who are those artists , the sponsors who endorsed all those " shameful " display of Arts. Who were those Indians ? When and how we did develop those taboos , that prevents open, required , scientific discourses on sex topics and evaluation. Erotic arts, mystic sex practice, still do exist. Every Hindu worships the phallus openly. But no one is ready to talk about this. Middle class patriarchy fears it. Let’s talk about it !

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